Stoa 42

Léo Ravy and Leslie Lawrence

Introducing... (2018), Poster

Walk prep

Inside the Stoa42 space, guests are invited to play a game. They choose Past, Present, or Future and join an artist from the group in the space. Although the topics are collective experiences, it is a meeting between two independent viewpoints, so the introduction remains personal. The attempts to communicate shared experience are unavoidably subjective. Through these parlour games a new collective understanding is generated, but what is being discussed cannot be heard by those outside the room. Again, the problem of communicating a shared experience to the outside returns. However, there is a third party in the room listening to the discussion. They work to mediate the speculations, thefabulations, the misunderstandings created by the introductions, and attempt to live-type a new description of collective experience for the benefit of the audience outside the space. In this way the practices of the group come to new shared representation through a series of texts; autonomous in their own right but marked by an almost impossible attempt to fully incorporate the other.

Introducing... (2018), Publication, 64 pages (sample)
Walk Prep
Walk Prep